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In another life, I was a fashion designer. I was designing clothing that was sold in Montreal's and Quebec's boutiques. Moreover I've studied this field in college, after obtaining a college diploma in litterature and arts.

In this epic trough fashion, I had the chance to make an traineeship with a designer in Paris, and also to present a fashion show in the Montreal Fashion Week. I have always assured my self promotion through graphic arts, a part of my job that I particularly loved. It's after managing my own workshop-boutique that I decided to go back studying to immerse myself into the heart of multimedia creation.

I obtain my bachelor degree from Université du Québec à Montréal in 2009, and right after I get a job as a graphic designer in the Cirque du Soleil textile design department. While the 5 years I was there doing my primary job tasks, my skills were noticed and I was often asked to make some graphic communication designs.

Since 2014, I'm a freelancer in fields that let me grow and excel in what I love and I do better, graphic design, textile design, music, photography and audiovisual production.

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